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About Russell


Russell Wayne

Fitness Nutrition And Life Coach

✓  2022 Fresno Classic Overall Classic Physique Winner
✓  Nationally Qualified Bodybuilder
✓  Motivated to help you become the best version of yourself

It’s fair to admit that I was always a bit more competitive than my peers. The ironic thing was, I never felt as though I had much competition. Since the age of six (6), I have dedicated my life towards athletics, mindfulness and ultimately personal growth.

Throughout my youth athletic career, I worked tirelessly to improve my skills in Football, Baseball, Hockey, Bowling, Track and Field, Cross Country and so much more. It was my innate drive to be the athlete I was capable of being that helped me not only navigate a successful athletic career but develop the lifestyle I dreamed of. 

My obsession with athletics, nutrition and team building led me to pursue my certification from the School of International Sports Science in both personal training and life coaching. As a vehicle to achieve my goals, I have leveraged my certification, personal and professional experience to train beside some of the globes most recognized athletes, entrepreneurs, life and athletic coaches. 

My lifelong pursuit of happiness has enabled me to work currently as a competitive bodybuilder and personal coach to over 100 clients in the past 10 years. I am extremely grateful for each and every blessing in my life and am dedicated to helping you recognize those within yours.

Your Journey Starts Here

Join Russell Wayne and countless others on their journey to achieve personal growth, happiness and ultimate success through gratitude, goal orientation and training programs both online and off.